Wetland-filtered swimming pools

The Green Power House  has been experimenting for over a year with a “wetland” filtering system for a swimming pool. I went to investigate it yesterday.  Remarkable. The pool water is crywetland-pool-1-150x150stal-clear. It smells like a pristine  mountain pool.

Mrs Green understands the process as follows: The water overflows into a section of the pool (planted with reeds and similar plants),  from where it’s pumped into a swampy area planted with typical wetland plants. Water from this section seeps into another (also planted) shallow pool, from where it’s pumped back into the pool via a cascading water feature.  One did, after seeing the result, ponder the efficacy of wetlands and how misunderstood is the necessity of preserving them.

One also immediately wanted to dive into this beautiful pool but restrained oneself at the thought of possibly being firmly escorted off the property.