Cold beer and ice for the G&T’s are mandatory off the grid

When living off the grid in the Klein Karoo on off the grid livinga part-time basis, this is non-negotiable.  Yes – he’s my real cousin and and he’s married to Cathy. I’ll start at the (almost) beginning, a year ago. John writes:

“I’m constructing the super-insulated coolbox of all super-insulated coolboxes, ever, is that cool or what? This one should keep ice for a week in full Karoo sun. It’s all in the thermodynamics, or rather, the lack of ? Thermo’s will not Dynamic into my beer, is the plan, which is important after digging pipe trenches.

Whooo hooo, tank delivered, water reticulation plan designed, now I is a-shoppin’ for pipe fittings and valves and other farmer-type stuff ! Who wants to ride shotgun to the farm? No canopy … if no human comes, Ushki (the dog) gets it ! A free night at my 5 trillion star bush camp ? going going… ”  I, for one, want the coolbox plans.