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Clean water with solar energy

The Aquapak can heat water to temperatures beyond 65 degrees Celsius using only solar energy. This ends the existence of all water-borne nasties like bacteria, viruses and parasites.

4 to 5 litres of water can take as little as 2 hours to pasturise.  solar-water-purifierThere’s a reusable sealed glass tube indicator filled with colored wax that melts when heated to the required temperature to pasteurise the water.

According to this page it is designed to be mass-produced in developing countries for less than $2.00US.  Envirogadget has more information here.  I could get into this type of hot water …

Cold beer and ice for the G&T’s are mandatory off the grid

When living off the grid in the Klein Karoo on off the grid livinga part-time basis, this is non-negotiable.  Yes – he’s my real cousin and and he’s married to Cathy. I’ll start at the (almost) beginning, a year ago. John writes:

“I’m constructing the super-insulated coolbox of all super-insulated coolboxes, ever, is that cool or what? This one should keep ice for a week in full Karoo sun. It’s all in the thermodynamics, or rather, the lack of ? Thermo’s will not Dynamic into my beer, is the plan, which is important after digging pipe trenches.

Whooo hooo, tank delivered, water reticulation plan designed, now I is a-shoppin’ for pipe fittings and valves and other farmer-type stuff ! Who wants to ride shotgun to the farm? No canopy … if no human comes, Ushki (the dog) gets it ! A free night at my 5 trillion star bush camp ? going going… ”  I, for one, want the coolbox plans.

Let the solar-powered portable light shine

This little goose-necked beauty can be clipped onto the side of your book as a reading light or wherever else you need to use it.Solar poweredportable light

According to The Ultimate Green Store, (unfortunately USA customers only),  it has a 5-LED, flexible tube light, can be used on high or low power, and comes in blue, red, black and silver versions. It charges in full sunlight and once fully charged maintains a 75% capacity after 12 months storage.

The website tells us that “the assembly is done by Handi-Crafters, a company that provides work for children who have developmental disabilities.”

I like that.