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A very small footprint indeed

Whilst on the subject of summer and feet and the covering thereof, Mrs Green today continues the theme and segues into a story about a remarkably small motor-home/camping carbon footprint. Via Treehugger, who also wrote about an 80 cm x 120 cm box that hides furnishings enough for an entire room, we are introduced to a portable modular living system that fits into a car.

swiss room box in carUnfortunately, in latest news,  the SwissRoomBox needs to make it to industrial production to give you a multi-functional home in your car. Cook, eat, take a shower and sleep. By sliding the box-shaped units over each other, holiday makers can access a sink, hob, dining table, picnic table and chairs, a shower, and a double bed. Oh – a hot water boiler too.

Mrs Green learned, amongst other things, at that  “Once connected, electrical devices such as the pump and water boiler, as well as optional add-ons such as the fridge, and iPod and computer chargers, will all power themselves off the car battery, which will cut out once the battery only has 11 volts remaining — the minimum required for starting an engine. The battery will then recharge as the car is driven.”

Camping, anyone?

Wetland-filtered swimming pools

The Green Power House  has been experimenting for over a year with a “wetland” filtering system for a swimming pool. I went to investigate it yesterday.  Remarkable. The pool water is crywetland-pool-1-150x150stal-clear. It smells like a pristine  mountain pool.

Mrs Green understands the process as follows: The water overflows into a section of the pool (planted with reeds and similar plants),  from where it’s pumped into a swampy area planted with typical wetland plants. Water from this section seeps into another (also planted) shallow pool, from where it’s pumped back into the pool via a cascading water feature.  One did, after seeing the result, ponder the efficacy of wetlands and how misunderstood is the necessity of preserving them.

One also immediately wanted to dive into this beautiful pool but restrained oneself at the thought of possibly being firmly escorted off the property.

Littering allowed with these drinking glasses – or you can eat them

Edible jelly glassDesigned by The Way We See The World, Jelloware  glasses are edible, flavoured and naturally biodegradable.

From if it’s hip, it’s here – “The cups are made entirely out of agar agar Jelly glass disposal(a gelatinous substance made from red algae) and cast in different flavors, such as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet, each specifically designed to compliment a corresponding drink.” Seaweed is a great fertilizer.  However, ginger-mint jello would be a rather tasty snack.

Either way, less to carry home after a picnic in the park once someone starts selling them …