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Clean water with solar energy

The Aquapak can heat water to temperatures beyond 65 degrees Celsius using only solar energy. This ends the existence of all water-borne nasties like bacteria, viruses and parasites.

4 to 5 litres of water can take as little as 2 hours to pasturise.  solar-water-purifierThere’s a reusable sealed glass tube indicator filled with colored wax that melts when heated to the required temperature to pasteurise the water.

According to this page it is designed to be mass-produced in developing countries for less than $2.00US.  Envirogadget has more information here.  I could get into this type of hot water …

Vertical self-watering rain harvesting garden for small spaces

Vertical garden self wateringDo you want a herb garden on a small patio or balcony that will water itself?  This would work – a  living green vertical wall.

I found it at Treehugger. It can harvest rainwater from a gutter down-pipe and the built-in tank can be topped up during dry spells.

Michael Tampilic  won a prize with his Vert Rain Terrace at the Rocket 2008 industrial design show.

Treehugger has an article on it here. We intend to experiment with ways and means to design and construct these delightful green walls.

Littering allowed with these drinking glasses – or you can eat them

Edible jelly glassDesigned by The Way We See The World, Jelloware  glasses are edible, flavoured and naturally biodegradable.

From if it’s hip, it’s here – “The cups are made entirely out of agar agar Jelly glass disposal(a gelatinous substance made from red algae) and cast in different flavors, such as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet, each specifically designed to compliment a corresponding drink.” Seaweed is a great fertilizer.  However, ginger-mint jello would be a rather tasty snack.

Either way, less to carry home after a picnic in the park once someone starts selling them …

Recycled tyres in your bathroom?

Recycled rubber sinkA basin made from recycled car tyres. It won an award from Architect Magazine.  “The rubber from the tires is melted down and cleansed of debris, and the tiny inherent metal fibers that give a tire its road resistance are then formed into a sheet. This sheet is stretched over a base frame–made of wood, metal, or any other material out of which bathroom furniture can be fashioned–and anchored down by the drain collar. This creates a shallow-sloped surface for water to be siphoned away, but not a clunky profile … ”

More information and a slide-show that includes a diagram of the construction on the Architect Magazine website.  Bouncy!

Clean water with a tea bag – South African style

Clean waterI’ve been looking at water purification innovations  and am proud to announce that Stellenbosch University has developed a nifty little device based on  the same material used for the tea bag that is used for a local herbal infusion favourite – Rooibos (Redbush) tea. With added nano-technology goodness.

Yes – it’s a teabag that works in reverse.  Inside it are very thin nanoscale fibres that filter out contaminants as well as bacteria-killing charcoal.  Learn more about it here, here, here and here. And video goodness here. I’ll put the kettle on.